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STREAM-DEFINITION-BY-USER (Version 1, 22-Mar-89)
 Author:   Gray
 Forum:    Cleanup
 Status:   Tabled v1 indefinitely at June 1989 meeting on 14-4 vote
 Genera Impact: large; either streams would have to be completely
                reimplemented based on this, or a big interface 
                would have to be created.
		In the long run this is a good idea, though.
 Comments: ----- Pitman 27-Mar-89 (Version 1) -----
	   This looked superficially like an interesting idea and I'm
           sure the user community would want it if we could agree on the
           details, but I've not had enough time to study it.
	   ----- Moon 6-Jul-89 -----
	   At the June 1989 X3J13 meeting:
	   This was brought up for voting even though it had been
           distributed with the comment "For discussion and evaluation;
           not proposed for inclusion in the standard at this time."
           It was eventually tabled by a vote of 11-4.
	   Loosemore, Barrett, and van Roggen had lists of unclarities.
	   ----- Pitman 10-Jul-89 (June Meeting Notes) -----
	   Deferred Monday to Tuesday.
	   Sandra: INTERACTIVE-STREAM-P, echo/unecho, column units
	   Kim: What's described as GF's seems unnecessary
	    Not clear all these must get called always.
	    Implementation impact?
	   JonL: Put these symbols in STREAM package?
	   Walter: Too many GF's (different ways to say same thing)
	   14-4 vote to table indefinitely.

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