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My Public Persona

I've been privacy-conscious for many years, perhaps owing in part to a bad experience I had in the days of the early ARPANET, in which someone abused a piece of personal data I'd left online.

Later, when the web came online, I held back as many others rushed to place every detail about themselves, their homes, and their families into the public view. With identity theft and phishing so common these days, I’m glad I’ve been shy.

Still, one can't live in the modern world without online connections. So I've tried to strike a balance. I think of my web site as revealing my “public persona.” When considering whether I might want to put something on the web, I ask myself if it is a proper part of my public persona, or whether they should be retained instead as part of my private persona. People differ in where they draw the line on this, but It's a thought exercise I think everyone should go through.

What you'll find here are records of my publicly visible projects and my achievements, as well as a repository of my public writings. If you find something missing, drop me a line and strike up a personal conversation.
  —Kent Pitman

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Climate Change

Happy Holidays! Please remember to read & share my seasonal Climate poem, A Christmas Peril.

I care a lot about causes like privacy and civil liberties. But none of those issues will matter at all if we don’t solve the Climate Change problem. We need to learn to take this matter more seriously than we’ve been doing!

Here are some of my essays on the topic:

[Always New!] I’ve been trying to keep my Climate Change page regularly updated with recent news. I don't have it on an RSS feed right now, but please feel free to bookmark it and to visit it when you want an easy reference to recent science and political news on the subject. If there's something you'd like me to be tracking, please send me e-mail.

Writing (Politics, Poetry, and more)

I've got a blog on Open Salon if you want to read more thoughts by me or join in the discussion.

Click here to visit my blog.

Here are a few of its featured items:

Politics and Finance

Consumer Credit


On History and Kent’s Life



There are a number of other posts on a variety of topics.

Technical Topics and Other Points of Interest

Here are some possible topics of interest:

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