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I very much enjoy the feedback that I get from human beings about my writings. The unsolicited junk I get from direct marketing spammers is another matter. If you're sitting there reading this message, and can parse this message, I'm betting you're a human being. That qualifies you to write me email at this address:

[my first name at this site]

As for the strange format, I've tried to make it it slightly hard to read in hopes of slowing down the web spiders that recognize email addresses and harvest them as possible places to which spam might be sent.


Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well. I'm not very chatty there, though I do occasionally respond to tweets if I think the response would be of general interest. I tend to treat Twitter more like a micro-blogging forum than a conversation forum. It's a good way to find out my opinion on a variety of issues, mostly political, and to find out about new writings as they come out.

Other Forums

My name in other forums varies. If I am not found under my own name, I'm often found either under the name “kmp” or “netsettler”.

kmp” was one my earliest login names at MIT, on the MIT ITS computers. The name “Kent” was already taken, so I used my initials. Over the decades since, my login at various employers has often been KMP, and I still answer to this name interactively, not just in email—especially in situations where there might be confusion with some other “Kent”.  It's pronounced as three individual letters, by the way, not by trying to pretend there's some implied vowel.

At some point, as the net became more crowded, I took on the name “netsettler” in some forums. It was partly just because I needed another name, although you'd be correct if you also guessed there's a small political message built into the name—a lament about the way the modern Internet feels to me like it rolled over a simpler culture, the ARPANET. I sometimes think of myself as one of the early settlers whose settlement has been displaced.

Click here for historical information on specific previous e-mail and web addresses.

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