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The various pieces I’ve written are somewhat scattered, and not just in terms of their conceptual organization. The texts physically reside here and there about the net. Some of them are web-accessible but I don't know that search engines are up to searching for poems yet and I've written way too much stuff on the net, so I can't just call up all of my writings and expect to do manual sifting. What you'll find here is a subset of what I've done—a sampler.

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Short Stories

“That’s How I Operate”
Written in January, 2009, in response to a contest run by Gary Justis at Open Salon. This entry tied (3 ways) for “first runner up” in the contest.
101 Words: Late-Night Discovery, 1975
Written in November, 2008, in response to a challenge at Open Salon to write a short story of exactly 101 words. As it happens, this story is non-fiction.


In Quest
Written in summer, 2014 for the Writing University course How Writers Write Poetry.
Crayola Paradise Lost
Written in summer, 2014 for the Writing University course How Writers Write Poetry.
A Turn at the Darkness
Written written summer, 2014 while at a Cary Tennis writing seminar in Tuscany, Italy.
To write a poem
Written December 21, 2009 in response to a comment on a related poem.
Mom watches over me
Written in May, 2009 for Mother's Day.
Nudity (now with Haiku)
Written in April, 2009 in response to something o'stephanie (a fellow blogger at Open Salon) had said.
What Love Endures
Written in years before its eventual February 2009 publication, addressing the aftermath of sexual abuse.
Happy Birthday, Karen
Written in February, 2009, to celebrate the continued life of my friend Karen Novak.
A Christmas Peril
Written originally in December, 2008, this is seasonal poetry with a somewhat heavy-handed environmental twist that you can probably see even in the title. I updated the piece in 2009 to improve the meter of certain lines. The updated piece was also featured at PalTalk News Network.
Life’s Scattered Moments
Written in October, 2008, looking back at old photos of places I’ve visited.
Haiku Challenge: Kent’s Life
Written in November, 2008, as part of a challenge to write a haiku summarizing one’s life.
The URLs of the Mind
Written in October, 2008, reflecting on the texture of memory.
Political Haiku
Written in September, 2008 for the US Presidential Election of 2008.
What Love Endures
Written perhaps around 2002 or 2003, this very short story (146 characters long) was not published until February, 2009, when I repackaged it as a Valentine’s Day poem. The subject matter is mature, but I hope not offensive.
The Tragedy of Billy and Mac
Written in June, 1999 as part of my Another Way Out series of parodies of CBS's The Young and the Restless. This may only make sense if you're a long-time viewer of that show. It's a synthesis of one of their plotlines with Romeo and Juliet—in iambic pentameter, of course!
The Universe
Written during the 1972-73 school year, this was published in our school newspaper. It makes me cringe a little to read it now, but it was probably my first published poem.


Note that the Gray Matters series is humor or political commentary probably primarily of interest to Open Salon members, since it comments specifically on practices of that forum. The characters are “gray heads,” the default avatar assigned to members who have not taken the trouble to give themselves a real avatar. They are, as such, both anonymous and a kind of EveryMan.

Original Intent 2.0
Written in August, 2010. I wrote a brief article by the same name to be published as a companion to it.
Gray Matters: Health Insurance
Written in February, 2010 as additional material in my Open Salon meta-post Please Cover Your Assets.
Gray Matters: We've Got That Covered
Written in November, 2009 as part of a collaborative blog post, Reaching for the Open Sky.
Gray Matters: Let OS Be Your Last Battlefield
Written in May, 2009 in response to a post by Rob St. Amant.

A few years back, I used to write parodies of The Young and the Restless on a more-or-less weekly basis. Highlights:


See also my publications page, which mentions a number of non-fiction writing categories—politics, programming, etc.

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