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[Always New!]This is pretty active.
Click here for a summary of my postings at Open Salon.

Table Talk

An archived conversation that took place on Salon Magazine's Table Talk forum, September 1997, between Kent Pitman and others (including author Sherman Alexie) entitled “She boiled squirrel nutkin, he diddled girls -- does it spoil the message?” The basic question being whether the reader of literary works should make a decision about what to read or not based on the moral character of the author.

(This dovetails, by the way, with my position on the “Freedom to hear”.)

Kent’s Slashdot Interview

In the Fall of 2001, I was interviewed in Slashdot about Lisp and Scheme:

Kent’s Slashdot User Page

My Slashdot 'user info' page contains an index of recent comments I've made about articles there.

PalTalk News Network

This site, in its Global News section, featured my seasonal poem A Christmas Peril, which deals with Christmas and Climate Change.

I've not written here much.

I've not written here much either. Even less than at newsvine, actually.

My encyclopedia entry (I didn't write this):

My user pages (I did write these):

The CPSR Newsletter

An Open Letter to CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
The CPSR Newsletter, Volume 12, No. 2 (Spring, 1994)

Produktiver programmieren (Program More Productively)

An interview with me about programming productivity is included in the book Produktiver programmieren, by Armin Röhrl and Stefan Schmiedl (published in German).

Translations: [English] [German]

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