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Kent  Pitman

 on Climate Change

Here are a few of my personal thoughts...

And here’s some of what I’ve read...

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Practical Suggestions

Not all suggestions have to be things that involve decades of research. Some are just targeted suggestions about pragmatics. They're worth some thought. Some of them may be showing more promise than others, though, so read carefully.


Here are some pointers to interesting ideas for products and commerce.

Stories of Optimism

Here is a place for stories about good things happening, or of hopeful signs. Many of these are tentative in one way or another. And even things that are very good things may have timelines that are too long to be practical. A lot of other damage can be done before a given natural effect kicks in or a given technology is brought to fruition and properly deployed. So we still have many reasons to be pursuing Climate Change aggressively. But, all that said, this issue is so depressing sometimes that it's still nice to have reasons for optimism.

The Idea Mill

There are going to be a lot of boondoggles where people try to get “green money” for things that won't really help. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't invest in various alternative ways to address the problems posed by Climate Change. (The only things I don't think we should invest in are the things that are actively working against a solution.)

Nuclear Power

Nuclear is the “new green”. No, it's not 100% safe in all regards, but it has shown itself to be manageable, and even the problems that it might sometimes have pale in comparison to some of the predicted Climate Change effects, so it's definitely worth considering as a stopgap.

Carbon Sequestration

Colonizing Mars

Establishing a permanent and sustainable base off the Earth is the single best thing we can do to assure the survival of the human species. Moreover, every dollar spent understanding how to live on a planet that is hostile to human life may turn out to be valuable as we move ever closer to making Earth join that group.

Please feel free to contact me with more suggestions.

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