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Kent  Pitman

 on Climate Change

Here are a few of my personal thoughts...

And here’s some of what I’ve read...

Food & Life Energy Myths Ideas
Science & Tech Analysis Politics Resources


Regional Effects, Budgets, Reports, Ethics, and Legislation

The Courts

Effects on Business and Society

Organizing and Organizations

  • Religious Organizations

    Religion, or the lack thereof, is a deeply personal choice. Personally, I'm not religious. But if you are, that's fine by me—I'll respect your choice if you'll respect mine. We all occupy the same planet, and we all need to work together, whatever our personal inspirations or motivations, to do well by that planet. Here are some resources that seem to me like they might be helpful to people of faith trying to figure out how to integrate their concern about Climate Change with their religion. If you can use them, that's great; if not, feel free to ignore them.

Please feel free to contact me with more suggestions.

Military and Political Tactics

There's a back-and-forth between the parties at the tactical level. It's sad that these things have to be political. Climate Change should be an issue of science, not politics. But this section is for stories related to tactics.

Political Platforms

Much of the following info is from the 2008 Presidential campaign, but may still have some residual value now that he's in office. I'll start to add platform info for 2010 and 2012 if the campaigns start to publish positions.

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