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Please note that these are “thoughts” not “positions”. All writings here are accompanied by a date and sometimes other context information. If I appear to contradict myself, perhaps it's that I am of mixed minds, or perhaps I am simply acknowledging that an issue can be seen from multiple points of view, or perhaps I have grown, learned, or otherwise changed. I don't know what this passion is that some people have for politicians never changing their mind on anything, but I consider the ability to change one's mind an essential characteristic of intelligent behavior. Otherwise, I might as well just elect a set of policies, not a person.

In sum, if you want my position on any given day, ask for it. If it doesn't match what I wrote here, don't just rush to call me a hypocrite or wishy-washy--instead consider asking me what I've learned (or forgotten!) since I wrote this that has led to an apparent change in my position.

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