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Legal Notices

This collection of political essays
Copyright © 2008 Kent M. Pitman. All Rights Reserved.

Except as otherwise explicitly marked, all text material in the area is covered by this copyright, and therefore none of it may be copied without my permission.

However, the ideas underlying these pages are not (and under US copyright law cannot be) copyrighted, so you're welcome to adopt (or oppose, for that matter) any of the ideas you see here, with or without my permission.

So if you like the way things are expressed here, just make a web pointer to the text you like; and if you want to re-express these ideas in your own words, that's always your right, too.

Notwithstanding my copyright claims above, if you have a desire to copy something you find here for some specific purpose, I might (or might not) be willing to give you permission if you contact me by email and explain your need. As they say, “it can't hurt to ask.”

With all things political, it should go without saying, but...

Copyright © 2008 by Kent M Pitman. All Rights Reserved.

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